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Top Reasons to Join Georgia Realty Referrals

No Monthly Dues

We only ask for a minimal $99 per year! That's it. No board dues, No E&O fees, No Supra expense, No monthly office fees or any other expenses other than our annual affiliation fee.

Make More Money!

80/20 split. That's right, you keep 80% of all referrals, period. No sliding scale, no reverting back to a lower split every year. 80% all the time on all referral transactions. Ask us for more details!


We let you stay in control. You can refer business to the agent of your choice at the company of your choice and at the referral fee percentage you decide upon. Let's talk further about this.

Easy to Join

Whether you're active or inactive. The process is quick and easily activated online. For your convenience we take credit cards, debit cards and online checks for payment of our annual fee.

Easy to Cancel

We hope you never leave us, but, we realize situations change. If you decide to move from the referral side of the business back to working with buyers and sellers, we make sure to expedite your transition.

Your Business is Yours

If you ever elect to leave our brokerage your prospects, business & referral clients* go with questions asked. This ensures there is no risk to you & your future. We look forward to helping you succeed!

Virtual Office

No mandatory meetings, office duty, the hassle or expense to travel to an office, hence saving you significant money. We conduct virtually all business with our associates via email, online and fax.

Minimal Requirements to Join

We require associates to have a non-lapsed, real estate license that is either inactive or active with the Georgia Real Estate Commission. All continuing education requirements must be met.

We Provide Helpful Reminders

As a member we remind you on a regular basis as to the status of your real estate license. We help you stay informed about the timing and amount of CE needed for your renewal requirements.

* Any referrals under contract at the time of your transition will remain with our brokerage and will be disbursed as agreed.