Why Join?


You can generate referrals in many ways. Let’s walk through a real-life scenario that could happen to you today.

  1. Imagine you are already a member of Georgia Realty Referrals.
  2. Now imagine you’re attending your child’s sports event and you strike up a conversation with another parent in the bleachers. It turns out this person is tired of renting and wants to buy a house.  
    • You explain that you are a real estate professional and know the industry.
    • You offer to assist in their search for a new home by putting them in touch with a great agent.
    • You are confident you will take great care of them, and this person appreciates your offer to help.

A Quick Look at Your Bottom Line...

Let’s see how a simple referral can impact your financial bottom line:
  • Sale price of home: $375,000
  • Commission paid to agent representing buyer (3%): $11,250
  • Gross referral amount based upon a negotiated 25% referral fee: $2,821
  • Net referral to you (80%): $2,250

Wow! One referral equates to real money — and it’s yours after a few conversations and one completed form! Join the many agents who already know that referrals are the most lucrative means of earning commissions.